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At Occasion Queens, we know how to make wedding venues shine. With our years of industry experience, we’re here to help you attract your dream clients, streamline your operations, and create unforgettable experiences for every couple that walks through your doors.

Our Consultancy Packages

The Venue Review Package £2,995

Before our meeting, we will send you a short survey to understand your goals and target market.

Next, we’ll have our first face-to-face consultation. You’ll show us around your venue, explain the logistics, and highlight its unique qualities.

We’ll then sit down (with a cuppa) to assess your business, budgets, and resources. We’ll have an honest conversation about your challenges, marketing plans, and aspirations.

The Venue Review Package includes:

Facilities & Layout Review: We’ll assess your current setup and suggest enhancements to make your venue run like a dream.

Marketing Material Review: Let’s make sure your website, social media, brochures, and other marketing materials speak directly to your ideal audience.

Customer Experience Assessment: We’ll analyse every step of your customer journey to ensure a seamless and exceptional experience.

Offering Analysis: We’ll review your pricing, packages, and overall offering to ensure they hit the mark with your clients.

Supplier Evaluation: We’ll check out your recommended suppliers and introduce you to new ones that perfectly match your venue’s vibe.

What you’ll get:

A comprehensive report with actionable insights and recommendations to elevate your venue’s appeal and efficiency.

Additional Resource Bundle £995

To give your venue an extra edge, we offer a resource bundle that includes:

  • The Complete Guide to Running a Wedding: Function sheets, running orders, décor guides, and more.
  • Ultimate Customer Journey Template: Ensure all your couples feel fully supported from start to finish.
  • Guide to the Perfect Showround: Tips and best practices to make every venue tour unforgettable.
  • Enquiry Tracker Template: Keep track of enquiries and follow up like a pro.
  • Event Box Essentials: What to include in your event box to handle any situation that comes your way.
  • Suggested FAQs for Marketing Materials: Address common questions and concerns like a boss.
  • Online Resources List: Tools and resources to enhance your efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Working with Blogs Guide: Learn how to leverage wedding blogs for maximum publicity and buzz.

Looking for something different? We also offer tailored consultancy on a day rate basis.

Reach out for a chat and a custom quote. Ready to make your venue the hottest spot for weddings?

Contact us today to find out how we can help make your wedding venue a roaring success!

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